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Top To Bottom Adults/Kids Sewing Pattern

Top To Bottom Adults/Kids Sewing Pattern

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 If you want to have a go at making your own undies or bikini, this pattern is an absolute must-have… With countless variations and options, so you can really unleash your creativity and make it your own!

For the bottoms there are 3 different waist heights, and also 3 variations for the leg-rise. That makes a whopping 9 variants to make anything ranging from Bridget bloomers to boyshorts, to cheeky bikinis.

Make the super quick & straightforward version, or for a professional shop-bought finish opt for the lined crotch with hidden seams.

The bra top has several variations too, including a hassle-free fully lined version that is ideal for those wanting to avoid fiddly trims. Makes a great crop top for the gym!

You can make the set out of 1 fabric entirely, or add rib knit for trims, or add lace and/or elastic!

The pattern comes in 3 different adults size groups, 3XS-XS (UK 4-10), S-L (UK 10-16) & XL-3XL (UK 16-22), and 2 kids size groups, 2-7Y and 7-11Y. For combinations of these, scroll down the size options menus.

For size table and conversion, see our Size Info.

Product Details:

  • You can keep all sizes, no tracing!
  • Step-by-step photo tutorial will guide you through every step.
  • Overlocker ideal but not essential.
  • Comes in a labelled envelope, perfect for storing all your pattern pieces
  • Customised sizes available on request!
  • Personal use only*


What you’ll need:

-Main fabric:

Adult sizes, minimum fabric width 1.2m: 3XS-XS: 0.65m, M-L: 0.7m, XL-3XL: 0.8m

Kids sizes, 2-3 to 6-7Y: 0.25m (min width 1.4m), 7-8 to 10-11Y: 0.3m (min width 1.5m)

Trims & bands (min. width 1.0m): All adult sizes: 0.5m, All kids sizes: 0.35m

If using 1 fabric all over:

Adult sizes, minimum fabric width 1.5m: 3XS-XS: 0.8m, M-L: 0.9m, XL-3XL: 1.0M

Kids sizes: 2-3 to 6-7Y (min width 1.4m): 0.4m, 7-8 to 10-11Y: 0.5m (min width 0.5m)

-Elastic (optional): about 1m for bra band (5cm width if threading inside fabric band).
-Jersey needle
-Twin needle, or a coverstitch machine (optional). Whenever the description mentions a twin needle, this means twin needle or coverstitch machine.

*If you wish to make these sets to sell, you will need to purchase a commercial license, in addition to the pattern.

Because I make and sell these pants myself, this pattern is strictly for personal use only. Pattern design, images and tutorial are original works and are copyright protected by Baboosh Designs ™. Sharing in any capacity, uploading, redistributing, altering, manufacturing without consent, etc. is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your support!