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Kids/Adults Leggings Sewing Pattern

Kids/Adults Leggings Sewing Pattern

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These fashionable leggings can be made as athletic wear using a lycra knit, or as a more casual pair using a jersey knit. You can make a straightforward pair using just 1 fabric, or make them with colour block panelling. You can even play around with the panels, using all or only 1 or 2, or using more than 2 different fabrics... Perfect for stash busting!

This super versatile pattern is available in sizes from 2-3Y to 3XL, how about some matchy matchy?

Suitable for any stretchy knit fabric, ideally with at least a small percentage of lycra/spandex.

For size table and conversion, see our Size Info.

Product Details:

  • You can keep all sizes, no tracing!
  • The main pattern is printed on A1 or A0 paper, the colour tutorial is on a separate sheet.
  • Step-by-step photo tutorial will guide you through every step.
  • Overlocker ideal but not essential.
  • Comes in handy labelled envelope (or box, if buying all sizes) for easy storage
  • Shipped in fully recycled/recyclable packaging
  • Customised sizes available on request!
  • Access to friendly Facebook group for support, chat & videos.
  • Personal use only*.

This pattern has a lot of size options, you can buy kids sizes, adult sizes, mix & match or purchase a complete set of all sizes which will come in a box.

When buying adult sizes, please let me know (with a note on the checkout page) which of the following sizes you want to include:


• 3XS (UK 4-6)

• XXS (UK 6-8)

• XS (UK 8-10)

• S (UK 10-12)

• M (UK 12-14)

• L (UK 14-16)

• XL (UK 16-18)

• XXL (UK 18-20)

• 3XL (UK 20-22)

Fabric requirements:

If using 1 fabric: 2-3Y to 4-5Y: 0.65m (min. width 1.4m), 5-6Y & 6-7Y: 1.0m/0.7m (min. width 0.85m/1.55m), 7-8Y & 8-9Y: 1.05m (min. width 0.9m), 9-10Y to XXS: 1.15m (min. width 1.1m), XS & S: 1.25m (min. width 1.2m), M & L: 1.35m (min. width 1.3m), XL-3XL: 1.45m (min width 1.4m)

If using 2 fabrics:

Fabric A (shown patterned): 2-3Y to 4-5Y: 0.35m (min width 1.3m), 5-6Y to 7-8Y: 0.4m (min width 1.35m), 8-9Y to 10-11Y: 0.5m (min width 1.5m), 3XS to XS: 0.7m (min width 1.5m), S to L: 0.85m (min width 1.5m), XL to 3XL: 0.9m (min width 1.5m) Fabric B (shown plain): 2-3Y to 4-5Y: 0.55m (min width 1.1m), 5-6Y to 7-8Y: 0.6m (min width 1.2m), 8-9Y to 10-11Y: 0.65m (min width 1.3m), 3XS to XS: 0.7m (min width 1.5m), M to L: 1.1m (min width 1.1m), XL to 3XL: 1.2m (min width 1.15m)

• Thin elastic: 1m

• Jersey needle

• Coverstitch machine or Twin needle (plenty of online info available, if you’ve never used one before!) 

Because I also make and sell these leggings myself, this pattern is strictly for personal use only. Pattern design, images and tutorial are original works and are copyright protected by Baboosh Designs ™. Sharing in any capacity, uploading, redistributing, altering, manufacturing without consent, etc. is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your support!

*If you wish to make these Sporty Leggings to sell, you will need to purchase a commercial license, in addition to the pattern. If this pattern has "Making to sell" directions included within the instructions, I kindly ask you to follow those. This is to avoid a conflict of interest with the clothing side of Baboosh Designs.



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