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Tubular Rib Knit for Cuffs, Waist Bands & More - Organic / Eco-tex100

Tubular Rib Knit for Cuffs, Waist Bands & More - Organic / Eco-tex100

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This tubular ribbing comes in a range of beautiful colours, and is made with (*organic) cotton: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane/spandex. It's super stretchy and easy to work with because it's not too bulky!

This is the rib knit I use for all of my makes, and it is the best I've found to this date! I really recommend using this beautiful ribbing with Baboosh sewing patterns, and any other projects that call for rib knit jersey.

It is a tubular fabric, which means it has no selvedges as it's literally knitted in the shape of a giant tube. This can be handy for waist bands and such, however you can also just use it in the same way you would with ordinary rib knit fabric.

The with is 70cm tubular, or 2x35 cm.

A unit is 1/3 m (33cm) length, multiple units will be cut as 1 continuous length. So 3 units for example, would be a single 1m length.

Colour names marked with an* are made with organic, Fair Trade cotton, the other colours are Eco-tex100 certified.

Fabric weight is 195 gms/m2, which is perfect for cuffs, waist bands and binding! 

If you are purchasing multiple units, please apply the appropriate discount code for your quantity on the checkout page:

• 2 units: use coupon code 10for2RIBKNIT for 10% off

• 3 units: use coupon code 15for3RIBKNIT for 15% off

• 4 or more units: use code 25for4RIBKNIT for 25% off

The coupon codes apply to both this tubular and the standard rib knit, so you can combine them and the discount will still work.

You can also order a sample pack, which includes all of the colours in the tubular range.

NB: If you are a fellow handmade business and you are looking to purchase larger quantities (5m minimum), please get in touch as I offer a special discount for business orders!