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Brand Rep Photo Guidelines

Lovely brand reps, this page is especially for you!

For awesome pictures, please follow the guidelines below as much as you can:

• As a guide, please take your photos with a minimum of 150px resolution and min. file size of around 1500x2000px.

• Preferably use a "real" camera and natural light.

• Use a plain, uncluttered background. You can put up a light sheet for a background and/or pop your tot on a nice blanket, for example.

• If you kiddo needs something to occupy them, preferably use something that looks nice, eg. a wooden toy.

• Squat or kneel to get down on their level.

• Pictures taken in the outdoors or a nice environment can be cool too, as long as it's not too cluttered and/or distracting.

• I'll edit all photos, so don't worry about that.

• Please send me your images via email, I'll then send the edited photos back for you to post on social media.

• Have fun! Use the above as a guide, but don't let it stress you out. The best photos are always just the simple, happy ones :)

Below are some great examples: