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Club Baboosh

Love what we do and wanna shout about it? Join Club Baboosh & become a brand ambassador!

Here's what we offer:

• You'll receive 3 items for free per rep term. Items are to be chosen in mutual agreement. This is to make sure I get the pics I need, while you get pieces you like!
• A term is 6 months, if we're both happy this may be extended. Every time your term is extended, you will get another 3 free items.
• 30% discount for additional purchases during your term, I may ask you for photographs of these. When you stop being a rep you'll still get 15% discount, indefinitely. We wanna stay friends, right?
• 15% discount for your friends, family & followers though a unique coupon code, for the duration of your term.
• Every time one of your friends, family or followers uses this coupon code, you'll receive their discount as store credit. So for example, they order a pair of baby leggings for £16. They get £2.40 discount, which you'll get as store credit!
• Be the first to hear about new designs and fabrics and get them before anyone else!
• Lots of love and appreciation from us, plus exposure on our social media channels.


Here's what we're looking for:

• You have a little one is who is under 2 years old. Older siblings are also welcome, but we mainly need baby snaps.
• You love what we do, so only existing customers qualify. Not a customer yet? Now is your moment...!
• You have ace styling and photography skills.
• Ideally you'd have an interest in at least one of the following: breastfeeding, cloth nappies, baby wearing, gender neutral clothing, organic clothing.
• You have (a) very active social media account(s). However, we're more interested in finding a good match, than you having millions of followers.


And here's what we ask from you in return:

• You promote our brand on your own social media through photography of your little one wearing Baboosh Designs every 2 weeks.
• Please make sure photos are clear, especially the face and clothing/product, and with minimal background. We would also love close-ups and styled flat lay photography.
• You email your photos to us within 2 weeks, please make sure you follow our photo guidelines.
• Your genuine enthusiasm for Baboosh Designs shines through in all your posts and comments.
• You actively search #BabooshDesigns and show your support by commenting on other people’s photos featuring Baboosh Designs.
• You will promote and share all of our announcements, such as promotions, contests, launches, and events.
• Baboosh Designs reserve the right to use any and all of your photographs on all our social media accounts, websites, promotional flyers and all advertisements.


Does this sound like a no-brainer? Pop over to the Contact Page and drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you, and why you're interested. Please include a clear photograph of your little one and don't forget to include your social media handles!

By applying to join Club Baboosh you automatically agree to all terms & conditions as outlined here.
In the unlikely event that you are not adhering to all the terms and conditions, we have the right to withdraw you from the contract at any time, without question and/or prior notice. Should this ever occur, you will keep the goods and we will keep all photographic material, as exchanged up to that date. You will not keep your 15% post-rep discount.