Baboosh Designs: Handmade Clothing, Organic Fabrics & Sewing Patterns.

Monthly Babooster

Would you like to be our next Babooster?

Here's what we offer:

  • You'll receive 2 items for free, which are chosen in mutual agreement. This is to make sure I get the pics I need, while you get clothes you like!
  • 20% discount for any additional purchases during your month, I may ask you for photographs of these as well.
  • 10% discount during your month for your friends, family & followers though a unique coupon code.
  • Every time one of your friends, family or followers uses this coupon code, you'll receive their discount as a commission. So for example, they order a pair of baby leggings for £15. They get £1.50 discount, which you'll get as store credit!


And here's what we ask from you in return:

  • Please make sure photos are clear, especially the face and clothing/product, and with minimal background.
  • You share your photo(s) with us within 2 week of receiving your items, please follow our photo guidelines.
  • Baboosh Designs reserve the right to use any and all of your photographs on all our social media accounts, websites, promotional flyers and all advertisements.


You can enter through Facebook or Instagram, keep your eyes peeled for our Babooster post at the beginning of each month!