Baboosh Designs: Stress-Free Sewing Patterns for your Family

About Baboosh

As a new mum, I soon found out how quickly babies grow out of their little clothes! This inspired me to design baby clothes that are made for growing! I started my business while on maternity leave, working from our dining table in our tiny weavers cottage.

Being a mother also made me think about our planet more. I believe we have a duty to our children, to look after our world the best we can. Clothes that last longer are good for your pocket, and also a lot better for the planet!

As a business I try to keep my footprint as small as possible, and all designs use GOTS-certified organic cotton fabrics. For my packaging I used recycled or recyclable materials and all usable fabric scraps are donated to local schools and charities for use in craft projects.

Buying from me, you'll know exactly how and where your clothes are made, and by whom! You'll also be supporting me and my family, allowing me to do what I love. I couldn't be more grateful for that... My business wouldn't exist without YOU!