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Commercial License

Commercial License

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Are you planning to sell items you make using Baboosh Designs sewing patterns Good call! All Baboosh Designs were originally developed by me to use for selling clothes, so I created my designs with ease & speed of production in mind!

In order to use a Baboosh Designs sewing pattern for commercial purposes, you will need a commercial license for the pattern. This license authorises you to sew and sell items made using Baboosh Designs sewing patterns. The licenses come in a variety of sizes, so you're bound to find one to suit your business!

You will need a separate license for each design you use. However, you won't need multiple licenses if selling different sizes of the same design. So for example, the kids & adult Leggy Pants count as 1 design, even though you might purchase them as separate patterns.

The license does not replace the pattern. If you purchase the pattern on its own, you may use it for personal use only. If you want to sell items made with the pattern, you need to purchase a license, in addition to the pattern.

A license is valid for 1 year, and you will automatically receive an invoice when your license is due for renewal. Rest assured though, you will not be charged automatically! You will be able to re-asses whether the size still fits, and whether you still need the license before you renew. You'll also be pleased to know that license renewals receive a 20% discount!

Please note that the license specifically and only applies to clothes made using the pattern & instructions. Under the Copyright Act, you will still not be allowed to copy, distribute or exhibit the pattern/instructions.

The licence comes in the following sizes:

• XS: up to 20 makes a year, £10 p/a

• S: up to 50 makes a year, £20 p/a

• M: up to 100 makes a year, £30 p/a

• L: up to 200 makes a year, £40 p/a

• XL: up to 500 makes a year, £50 p/a


There are a few additional conditions:

• You are allowed to use a maximum of 5 of my designs commercially at the same time.

• The brand name "Baboosh" is reserved for items made by me personally only.

 Do I really need a license? Good question! Especially as there is a lot of contradicting information out there... The short answer is, yes you do. In the UK (where Baboosh Designs is based), the government has issued a statement that clarifies this. You can find it here. In short, it states that if the pattern includes personal use restrictions (which mine do),  "This means that you may give as a gift, or yourself use, an item that you have made from a pattern, but if you sell an item you may be in breach of contract law." 

In addition to commercial licenses for my existing designs, I also offer a bespoke design service for your brand! I can tweak and alter any of my existing designs, as well as create new designs for you from scratch. Please get in touch if you want to find out more!

You might also be interested to know that I offer a business discount on larger quantities of rib knit fabrics. Please get in touch for further details.